“Do you ever wish you could go back in time to the healthiest version of yourself? Take a step forward instead and find your new healthy foundation as a mother” 

Despite its rewards, being a mother is a challenge. Lack of time, shifting hormones and sleep deprivation take a toll over time. After years of working with mothers to address their unique health challenges, Dr Thompson teamed with Meghen Kurtzig CNS to develop the Reset Your Body program. This program is designed to help moms of school aged children reclaim their health within their new busy lives.

What does the Reset your Body program do?

  • Helps women balance their hormones including the thyroid, adrenals and female hormones. When hormones are in balance women enjoy calm steady energy, sound sleep, a healthy libido, and stable blood sugar.
  • Teaches balanced nutrition that is realistic and easy to prepare.
  • Helps women identify the toxins that are damaging their health and develops a targeted detox program that will gently cleanse and remove those toxins.
  • Demonstrates how to fit exercise into a busy schedule. Special attention is paid to the physical challenges of moms including abdominal weakness, pelvic floor issues, back pain and poor hydration.
  • Offers concrete advice to boost immunity and protect against the frequent colds and flus that school aged children bring home.
  • Gives women a prescription for wellness. Do you need permission to take care of yourself? We will give it to you. After all, your children will learn by your example.

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