A diagnosis of cancer can be overwhelming and frightening.

Following a cancer diagnosis, patients want to do whatever they can to improve their chances of recovery and their quality of life. Many choose to use non-standard therapies such as diet, supplements, IV therapy, herbs, acupuncture, and mind-body medicine.

Dr. Thompson is committed to helping each patient understand all of their options and choose those that are safe and effective. It is vital, when undergoing conventional therapies such as radiation, chemotherapy or surgery, to know which complementary therapies are helpful and which ones may interfere and need to be avoided.

Cancer and the environment.

Because many cancers have environmental or genetic causes we offer extensive testing for environmental toxins as well as genomic profiles. We use these tools correct underlying imbalances and optimize each patient’s health.

Our Integrative Approach

Integrative oncology is the collaboration among multiple practitioners to provide the best, multifaceted, coordinated care for each patient.  At Solutions Naturopathic, we believe in an integrative approach that is highly individualized and designed to promote your overall health and wellbeing.

Dr. Thompson uses  a variety Naturopathic therapies to provide supportive care for cancer patients. To maximize efficacy and safety, we are happy to communicate directly with your oncologist or care coordinator to ensure that you are fully supported by a health care team.

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