The winter holidays bring a multitude of social events and time with friends and family.  Unfortunately they can also be stressful and physically taxing.  Use the simple tips listed below to keep yourself healthy while still enjoying this time of celebration.

1)   Get enough sleep.  With all of the parties, extra food preparation and shopping, sleep can end up on the back burner.  Don’t compromise; the restorative properties of sleep cannot be replaced.  It is fine to stay up late for a special occasion, but get to bed as early as possible on the other days.

2)   Minimize your sugar consumption.  During the holidays candy and other sweets can become a permanent fixture.  It O.K. to indulge, but eating candy constantly will lead to weight gain and lowered immunity.  Instead try a conscious splurge.  Pick you favorite holiday treat and eat it with abandon, savoring every bite.  Just don’t do it too often!

3)   Stay hydrated.  As we rush from event to event it is easy to forget to drink water.  This is even more important when drinking alcohol and coffee.  Since these beverages can be dehydrating you need to drink more water compensate.

4)   Choose high quality ingredients.  By making your holiday dishes with organic, wholesome ingredients you can enjoy a delicious meal and feel great the next day.  Over the next 3 weeks the Solutions Naturopathic Care blog will be focusing on healthy holiday recipes.  There is no need to be deprived.  Learn how to make your favorite dishes without any wheat, dairy or refined sugar.