Naturopathic Medicine: Healthcare for the 21st Century

• What could you accomplish if you had focus and energy throughout the day?
• How would it feel to maintain your ideal body weight without a struggle?
• What if you could prevent chronic illness with a few simple steps?

With the help of naturopathic medicine, you can answer these questions.
Dr. Dara Thompson

Naturopathic therapies combine the newest evidence-based medicine with time-tested natural remedies.  Dr. Dara Thompson uses an integrated approach to help you to recover from illness, prevent disease and build stamina and focus.  Naturopathic treatments include diet and nutrition, herbal extracts, cleansing/detox programs, bioidentical hormones, IV therapy, and homeopathy.

Whether you are seeking treatment for an illness, or you are working towards long-term health and longevity, naturopathic care can help you find solutions.

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